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Beware Of “Local” Numbers Calling To Scam You

Beware of “Local” Numbers Calling to Scam You

Caller ID spoofing is a common tactic scammers use to mask their identity by altering caller ID to display a falsified phone number or other information. Caller ID spoofing allows scammers to appear credible or trustworthy, making it easier to steal personal information or money. A popular form of this to look out for is neighbor spoofing. This is when scammers use a fake local number so that the incoming call appears familiar. An unsaved 225 number does not guarantee it’s a real person or someone you know! Scammers also spoof numbers from a company or government agency to appear official and convey a sense of urgency. Don’t fall for it!

When you receive a call like this, scammers typically use a fake script or an official-sounding recording claiming to be your bank, a government agency or any credible organization. With this script, they will ask for personal information like your PIN or a password to a bank. The best course of action is to hang up and, if they mentioned a business/organization you work with, validate the number using the customer service number on a bill, account statement or official website. 

Sometimes with caller ID spoofing, the scammer will use a message that prompts the victim to push a button to “hear an important message.” Don’t do it. It is crucial to immediately hang up in these instances as it could result in fraudulent charges. 

Since ID spoofing is so common, both Apple and Android phones have setting options to filter and silence unknown callers. Also, major carriers like AT&T, Version and T-Mobile, offer apps that can help users recognize spam numbers and block their calls or messages. 

Check out this video from the Federal Communication Commission to learn more about caller ID spoofing and how to protect yourself from scammers.

Please note that we at Lousiana USA Federal Credit Union will never call you and ask for private information like your full social security number or full account number over the phone. If you suspect your account or cards have been hacked, contact us and we will take immediate action for you!

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